An Angel That Steps Over an Explosion. 2022.


45х45 cm.


Canvas, armed plate, paper, mixed media.



The angel that steps over an explosion is like an invisible image of a protector, sent to guard and protect every Ukrainian on his land.
Classic museum frames, which partially frame the work, seem to record the long historical heritage of Ukraine, and the laconic contemporary subframe opens the way to the creation of recent history and the future of the modern country. Together, they form a space for rethinking our identity, values, and vision of the future. Where everything will be Ukraine, for sure!


Anton Logov (born in 1984) is a Ukrainian artist who works with painting, graphics, sculpture, video art, and installation. He graduated from the Odesa Art School and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Since 2008, he participated in many exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, and his works were the part of many important exhibition projects of Ukrainian contemporary art. Mr. Logov is the winner of the OBJECTS art prize 2020 young artists competition. He lives and works in Kyiv.