Gennadiy, sergeant – “DID”. Brigade 56

“DID” says that prayer gives strength. And when you pray on your land, which you defend, the prayer is many times stronger! He asks God for good for his relatives and four grandchildren. He prays for the Ukrainian people and for the earliest victory of Ukraine. “DID” wants to return to a peaceful life – growing wheat in his native Kirovohrad region, working with wood and metal. He believes that the doctors will help, and he will be able to do it despite the damaged collarbone. It happened on the morning of July 31 in Pisky. “DID” was sitting in a trench where three mines landed. A bulletproof vest saved the soldier’s life. A man remembers an injury, remembers battles, brothers, remembers what he prefers to forget, but he will never forget and forgive the enemy! This is the pain and loss of Ukraine. However, he knows for sure that Russia will pay for this war for a long time.