Untitled. 2022.


25х30х2 cm.


Metal, gas burner, sand.



Let’s pay attention to the important things! A target burned by fire seems to hypnotize and draws all attention to itself. The colors of the blue cloudless sky overhead and the scorched earth coexisting nearby – this is the dramatic reality of Ukraine today.


But the protagonist of this object is a laconic crater from a shot. The artist seems to indicate to us that there are no little things, everything matters. What may seem like a small harm spreads like a circle on water, forming a potential tragedy for humanity. Attention is the most valuable currency of modern society. Let’s pay attention to save lives.


Nazar Bilyk (born in 1979) is a famous Ukrainian sculptor, author of artworks in public space. His works are recognized all over the world. He participated in numerous exhibitions, biennales, art fairs and key art auctions abroad (USA, Europe) and in Ukraine. His works adorn many international and Ukrainian private collections. In the public space, Bilyk’s sculptures are presented in Kyiv, Les Jardins d’Etretat, France, San Martin de Tor, Italy, etc. He graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design named after M. Boychuk and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. In 2008, he became a postgraduate student of the creative workshops of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
Lives and works in Kyiv.