Oleh – “APELSYN”. Motorized Brigade 57, battalion 34

“APELSYN” doesn’t speak much – it is difficult after an injury. After going through Lysychansk and the front line, he says, he was a little unlucky in Toshkivka. There, the Russians were shooting houses from tanks. Oleg was covered with a slab. The man survived, but the damaged spinal cord does not allow him to move without a wheelchair. He was born in Kazakhstan in a military family. The family moved a lot. Oleg held his service in the missile forces. In peacetime, he worked as a driver and dreamed of an ordinary life, fishing, and hiking in the forest. Now his whole world is his wife Natalka. It is she who helps him return to an optimistic life. And thanks to her, Oleg painted the first picture in his life of a red kitten, which he called “Apelsyn”.