Untitled. 2022.


25х30х2 cm.


Ceramic plate, mixed media.



The artist didn’t name this art object. Therefore she gave us space for perceiving and understanding her work. Through the roughly torn holes of the damaged armor plate, we can see delicate fragile flowers.
Flowers are living beings, gifted to us by nature. They are here to adorn our lives, to give happiness, aroma, and colors. We invest our love, care, and tenderness in them. And then we pass it to our dear and loved ones. Flowers are a symbol of hope, celebration, and continuation of life, just like the armor plates that protect the lives of soldiers.


Svitlana Ratoshniuk (born in 1975) is a contemporary Ukrainian artist working with textiles. She graduated from the Kyiv Art and Industrial Technical School with a major in graphic design.
In her artistic practice, she combines her passion for textiles, ancient Ukrainian embroideries, Indian woven products, and a rich professional and personal background, creating incredible expressive paintings and objects from textiles.


The artist is a participant in many art exhibitions in Ukraine and Europe.