Viktor – “YIZHAK”. Battalion 224

“YIZHAK” came out of the fog and is going to war with moskals!” – this is how he jokes about his call sign. He got it for a “prickly” character. Young Viktor was almost fired from the factory because he painted a trident on a milk truck. In adulthood, he received a warning because he beat moskals in Moscow, for disrespecting Ukrainians. In 2016, he applied for Donbas but was not accepted due to his age. Before the full-scale invasion, the man worked on a construction site in Poland. When Putin’s troops came to the Motherland, he did not think for a long time about what to do – he came back and joined the Armed Forces. Now he is a military medic. “YIZHAK” was injured on August 4 in the Zaporizhya direction. He was found unconscious. Then there were 5 days in a coma and hospitals all over the country. Viktor’s daughter is also a military medic. The son is undergoing final approvals before joining the army, and the nine-year-old grandson is collecting money to support the Armed Forces.


“YIZHAK” is sure – in this war, Ukraine is fighting both for itself and for the entire world. Is fighting and will win!