A Letter. 2022.


61х53 cm.


Armed plate, enamel, acrylic, author’s technique.



“I really dream of playing with friends under a peaceful sky. Come back home healthy and victorious!”


Each armor plate lives its life, protecting the life of a fighter.
It preserves the history of the past and protects the history of the future. Children, our future, the future of Ukraine are an object of protection and a support at the same time, a source of inspiration for stability and strength. Their hearts beat in time with the hearts of fighters and the heart of Ukraine.


If only combat were as illusory as a child’s imagination in the pictures in the school album.
A letter to soldiers at the front, written by a child’s hand, is a talisman that supports the chain of priceless communication between “warrior” and “home”. Let’s help keep this connection together!


Andrii Bludov (born in 1962) is a Ukrainian artist, known for his recognizable author’s style, Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine, professor of painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
Works in the field of painting, graphics and video. The artist’s works combine elements of mythology, surrealism and avant-garde. Since 1988, he has had numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, the USA, Europe and Asia. The artist’s works are included in the collections of important Ukrainian museum institutions and private collections in Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Spain.