“Colors of Victory”. ArtArmor has announced a competition for children 12-17 years old

“Colors of Victory”. ArtArmor has announced a competition for children 12-17 years old

Ukrainian artists and philanthropists invite children of the Rivne region aged 12-17 to take part in the Colors of Victory art competition, which is held as part of the charity art project ArtArmor.


The following information is published on the ArtArmor Facebook page.


According to the terms of the competition, the work must be done in A3 format (30×40 cm), and applications for participation are accepted until April 30, 2023 – for this, you need to fill out the appropriate form.


The winner of the competition will recreate the plot of his work on the armor plate that saved the life of a soldier who defends Ukraine,” the organizers note.


For reference: ArtArmor is an international art project that was founded in the Rivne region. Within the framework of this project, Ukrainian and foreign artists create art objects from armored plates that saved human lives by stopping bullets, debris, etc. In this way, ArtArmor draws the attention of the whole world to Russia’s war against Ukraine and collects money for the purchase of new armor plates and other means of protection, for humanitarian demining of the territory of Ukraine, as well as for the treatment and rehabilitation of wounded defenders of Ukraine.


It is reported that the children who will take the first, second, and third places will have the opportunity to take part in the grand opening of the exhibition and present the works of all the participants of the “Colors of Victory” competition. The exhibition will be held in Kyiv – at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War.


At this event, young creators will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists of the ArtArmor project, whose art objects will be traveling around the capitals of Europe from January 2023,” the organizers write.


On the same day when applications for participation in the “Colors of Victory” contest were opened, the founder of the ArtArmor art project and co-founder of the charity fund Ukraine For Heroes Oleksandr Kovalchuk, and the teacher of the art studio at the art gallery “EuroArt” Oleksandra Overchuk gave an interview to Ukrainian Radio Rivne, in which they spoke in detail about the competition.


Oleksandr Kovalchuk said that the “Colors of Victory” competition is held among children from Rivne and Rivne Region, as the ArtArmor project was founded in Rivne. At the same time, he emphasized that an all-Ukrainian competition may be held in the future, but before that, it must be successfully implemented on the scale of the Rivne region.


Given that our entire Art-Armor project and the charity fund “Ukraine for Heroes” were founded in the Rivne region, in the city of Rivne – we are conducting such a “test” contest precisely on the territory of the Rivne region. And if it is successfully held, as we see – with good and good results – we plan o continue the work of this competition already throughout Ukraine,” said Oleksandr Kovalchuk.


Oleksandra Overchuk, the teacher of the art studio at the art gallery “EuroArt”, spoke in detail about whether there are any requirements for the participants of “Colors of Victory” and what exactly is expected of them.


Every child is talented, so art education is not the main criterion of our competition. It is not necessary to have any specific abilities that were developed based on some studio or school. A child should simply have his vision of our victory, the colors of victory. A child should create their image that has not been shown anywhere before, neither virtually nor at exhibitions,” said Oleksandra Overchuk.


The winners of the competition will be determined by the jury – the organizers have already published detailed information about its composition.


Yes, participants’ works will be evaluated:

  • Anton Logov is a well-known Ukrainian artist who works in the fields of painting, graphics, sculpture, video art, and installation. Member of the art project ArtArmor.
  • Max Kidruk is a famous Ukrainian writer from the Rivne region, the author of several travelogues and many novels, including “Until the light goes out forever”, “Where there is no God”, “Look into my dreams” and others.
  • Kostyantyn Kachanovskyi is a well-known muralist from Rivne, who after February 24 created many patriotic and morale-boosting murals throughout Ukraine.
  • Oleksandr Kovalchuk – founder of the ArtArmor art project and the charity fund Ukraine For Heroes, People’s Deputy of Ukraine.
  • Anna Vitruk – director of the modern art studio “Euro-Art”, co-organizer of the “Colors of Victory” contest.
  • Iryna Pervushevska is the director of the Rivne City Palace of Children and Youth, under whose leadership the institution raised and continues to raise creative personalities.


The organizers of the competition expect that many children will take part in it because it is a good opportunity for young talented artists to show their creativity throughout the country.