Protect!. 2022.


30х26 cm.


Metal, acrylic.



The laconic painting of Leonid Kolodnytskyi makes the work understandable without words. The artist works quickly and clearly as if succumbing to an uncontrollable impulse coming from within.
The letters scattered on the canvas are connected ornately by a line that, wandering over the surface of the plate, paves the way to the heart of a warrior, to the heart of Ukraine, to a heart pulsating with freedom and love. This line guides our sight and prompts an impulse of unification, a manifestation of collective strength and resilience. Protect!


Leonid Kolodnytskyi (born in 1961) is a Ukrainian artist. In 1992, he graduated from the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts (department of monumental and decorative painting). He is also a professional artist-restorer and has been working at the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv for more than 10 years. The artist’s works are a part of private collections in Ukraine and abroad.
In recent years, Leonid Kolodnytskyi’s painting has tended towards abstract expressionism. The artist’s skillful ability to use the plastic possibilities of lines helped him create multi-plot compositions, in each of which the harmonization of the internal space is important.