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Project introduction

ArtArmor is a unique art project created in Ukraine to support Ukraine and protect free world. In this one-of-a-kind and globally uniting action art not figuratively but literally saves lives.

Armor plates, carriers, bulletproof vests — ordinary people have different names for this simple but essential object, which is a basic element of defense.

And we have found a way to use art to give armor plates a chance to save lives again.

Supported by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, we gather authentic armor plates that have fulfilled their duty in the battlefields by stopping enemy bullets and fragments. Afterwards, we collaborate with talented and proficient artists to transform these plates into meaningful works of art.

Our project will culminate in a charity art auction scheduled to take place in London in October 2023. The proceeds from the auction will be used to provide assistance and address the humanitarian needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will help promote sustainable peace. More specifically, the funds will be utilized to procure modern non-lethal protective gear, such as body armor, helmets, suits, and other equipment required for demining, treatment, and rehabilitation of Ukrainian defenders.




We cordially invite you and other international artists to join us in this endeavor and make a contribution by creating an art piece based on the armored plate and donating it to the cause. Please bear in mind that there is a restricted supply of bulletproof plates available for use as a canvas, and therefore, we encourage you to apply soon.

If you are interested to become part of this project, please review the Rules and submit an application.