The Integral. 2022.


25х30х2 cm, 55х45 cm.


Сeramic plate, acrylic, oil on сanvas.



“At certain moments, you get the opportunity to feel and understand the greatness of the people who are nearby. On the front line, but nearby», — Petro Bevza.

Like white peregrine falcons, Ukrainian soldiers demonstrate the irresistible strength of spirit that lives in their big hearts. Their intentions are pure, and the indestructible soul revives and heads for a bright future.

The artist’s dialogue between the used armor plate and the painting is a conversation between creative power and cruelty, destruction. It is a certain reflection of the common Ukrainian existence. Genesis of Victory, War and Love, Unity, Freedom, Struggle and Victory. The warrior and all participants in creation fill each other with the victorious energy of life and freedom.


Petro Bevza (born in 1963) is a Ukrainian artist, and sculptor. Author of ideas, co-curator, and participant in many art projects in Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Canada.
The artist professes the principle “art is all around us” and affirms that true art is born from love.
Mr. Bevza is the recipient of many awards in the artistic field. His works are included in the collections of key Ukrainian museum institutions, in particular, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Kyiv National Art Gallery, and many others, and are also in private Ukrainian and international collections.