“ArtArmor”: an art project for the army was launched in Ukraine

“ArtArmor”: an art project for the army was launched in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the art project “ArtArmor” was launched, which was initiated and organized by the volunteer movement “Ukraine for Heroes”. The presentation is already a month away – October 14, UNN reports.


“Helping is the call of the soul of our large volunteer family “Ukraine for Heroes”. The “ArtArmor” project is about helping and for the sake of our army and our Heroes! Those who save the lives of everyone in the rear, who risk themselves liberating every centimeter of their native land, those, for whom we pray and
whom we are waiting for home!” – the message says.


With the help of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Valery Zaluzhny personally, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Oleksiy Reznikov personally, volunteers found real “used” armor plates from body armor that had been in battle, stopped enemy bullets and shrapnel and saved the most valuable – the lives of our Heroes.


“For the first time, armored plates become art objects! The most famous artists of our country make unique works from these plates, which will remind the world about the war in Ukraine. And about how we need tools in this fight of good against evil!


Consent to participate in “ArtArmor” was given by: Tiberiy Szilvashi, Nazar Bilyk, Petro Bevza, Bludov Andrei, Yuriy Vakulenko, Liosha Say, Svitlana Ratoshnyuk, Anton Logov, Leonid Kolodnitsky,” the message reads.


The project was supported by the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense.