Bronnik*. 2022.
* Short slang name of Bulletproof Vest in Ukrainian.


25х29х1,5 cm.


Plastic, armed plate, acrylic.



Rich fields, which Ukraine is known for, turned into battlefields during the war. Wheat and shells, rapeseed and rockets, tractors, and tanks. These surreal stories have become a shocking commonplace. Our native land has become a bulletproof vest. The combination of incredible beauty and painful horror hurts the very heart. The heart of the fighter, which is protected by the bulletproof vest. Wounds of the earth are just like wounds on the human body, they hurt, they ache, and they need care and protection. May the incredible Ukrainian landscapes become peaceful as soon as possible.


Tiberiy Szilvashi (born in 1947) is one of the iconic artists of contemporary Ukrainian art. Laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine in 2022.
Abstract artist, theoretician of “color painting”, art curator, co-founder, and ideologist of the association of the art group “Painting Reserve” and several other Ukrainian and international art groups, whose works significantly influenced the development of the art movement.
Szilvashi’s art pieces adorn the numerous museum collections in Munich, Vienna, New Jersey, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Uzhgorod, and Kyiv, as well as private collections in Europe and the USA. Lives and works in Kyiv.